Degree Symbol - Degree Sign Copy and Paste (Mac and Windows)

The degree symbol (°) consist of a small raised circle and used is for geographic coordinates, temperature measurement, Geometry, mathematics, physics, etc. Sometimes we need to insert Degree Sign in Microsoft Word, Excel rather than typing the word degrees but we don't have an option to type degree symbol on the keyboard. There is the only option available is to use Character Map, alt code or copy and paste the degree symbol from other sources. Below we are providing all options to type degree symbol on your PC, MAC OS or HTML webpage.

Various Options to Type Degree Sign°

Degree Symbol Copy and Paste

Here you can copy Fahrenheit, Celsius and degree mark by clicking the copy button, and paste into your document, it's a simple method to insert the Degree mark in any document.



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Degree Symbol Alt Code, Shortcut: ASCII Code for Degree Symbol


Alt Code : 0176


ASCII Code : 248

Alt Code : 8457


Alt Code : 8451

How to use Alt Code: To insert or type degree symbol on Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint through Alt Code or ASCII Code press and hold the Alt key and type the 0176 or 248 on the numeric keypad. Suppose you want to type 360° or 90 Degree Symbol then type 90 and press and hold the Alt key and type 0176 using the numeric keypad, release the Alt key and the degree sign° will appear.

How to Type Degree Symbol on Microsoft Windows PC, Laptop?

Follow any of the options below:

  1. You can type degree sign using the insert symbol option of Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Photoshop.
  2. You can insert degree mark using the keyboard shortcut, i.e. Alt + 0176 or Alt + 248. It only works if you have a 10-key numeric keypad.
  3. You can also use ASCII character map to insert degree sign in your document.

How to Insert Degree Symbol on Mac?

  1. You can use Shift+Option+8 key to insert the degree symbol on MAC OS.

Degree Symbol Code in Html



Degree Html Code



Degree Hex Code



Degree Html Entity Named

Fahrenheit Degrees Symbol (℉) Code


Degree Fahrenheit HTML


Degree Fahrenheit Hex


Degree Fahrenheit CSS

Celsius Degree Symbol (°C) Code



Degree Celsius Symbol HTML



Degree Celsius Symbol Hex



Degree Celsius Symbol CSS

Degree Mark° Examples

90 Degree Symbol
360 Degree Symbol
Temperature Degrees Symbol

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

Q1. How to make Degree Symbol in HTML?

You can use decimal (dec) or hexadecimal (hex) code to make the degree symbol in HTML pages.

Q2. How to make a degree symbol without a number pad?

Use Character Map, Alt code or copy and paste.

Q3. How to write Degrees Celsius?

Use keyboard shortcut - Alt + 8451 or use insert symbol option of Word, Excel.

Q4. How to insert Degree Mark on iPhone and iPad?

Tap cursor in the text box and go to numeric keypad, tap and hold 0 key. A pop up will show the option to insert 0 or °symbol.

Q5. How to write Degree Fahrenheit?

Use keyboard shortcut - Alt + 8457 or use insert symbol option.

Q6. Where is the degree symbol on the keyboard?

By default, the degree symbol is not visible in the keyboard, it's a hidden character.

Degree Symbol Copy Paste